Collab dreams coming true... Little Lights by T2 & Grace and James

Posted by Grace and James on 8th Nov 2017

Collab dreams coming true... Little Lights by T2 & Grace and James

Just when you didn’t think you could love T2 Tea anymore than you already do, we’ve collaborated to create this stunning collection of 4 gorgeous candles in your fave T2 flavours! Loooooooovvveee.

Illuminate your next tea break with Little Lights in French Earl Grey, Chai Spice, Buddha’s Tears and Bondi. Made with black soy and coconut wax, these stunning tea inspired candles in a tin offer a burn time of over 8 hours and are available now in T2 stores Globally.

We took some time with the creative team behind Little Lights to discuss the finer details of collaborating and creating these magical little candles.

Matching the exact fragrance to the tea flavours was a challenge. T2 know their flavours SO well – as in every single note, so balancing each of the aromas as we created the fragrance was vitally important. Tea smells different when it is dry to when it’s wet. The fragrance in a candle is released at its best when there is an even burn pool (the wax is evenly melted across the surface) so the aroma of the candle unlit to lit is different as well. We’re all passionate about fragrance and how it best transfers into a candle. A lot of time and love has been spent to make each one a perfect match!

Buddha’s Tears has become Grace and James’ Director Cat’s firm favourite. The jasmine tones are smooth, warm and buttery among a fresh bouquet.

Tea and Candles are a perfect match. T2 teas are so aromatic, simply walking into the store awakens our senses. To be able to make a candle for your home that smells like the store is the best! We’re all about making moments, and bringing a candle together with tea creates a moment – lovers of T2 Tea are not just about drinking tea as a function but as an experience.

The collaboration between T2 and Grace and James is a perfect alignment. Both brands have great passion for their products in regards to quality, packaging and integrity. There’s been an infectious energy between the teams as we’ve created and each have high regard and respect for the other’s product. The result is a candle that smells divine, with striking artwork and packaging that captures the essence of both companies that we know our customers are going to fall in love with!

Little Lights are available in T2 Stores Globally and Online from Wednesday 8th November, hurry to stock up on the most delicious candles we've created yet!