Creating the NEW Botanical Series

Posted by Grace and James on 17th Oct 2017

Creating the NEW Botanical Series

Last month we were so excited to launch the brand new Botanical Series by Grace and James. And oh boy, it seems you guys were as excited as us to receive them!

Our new collection - Jungle, Plantation, Succulent and Botanical have been loved by everyone of you who have decided to be carried away on their tantalising aromas. Seriously. Bliss.

Months of love and time have been poured into creating this range.

Ever wondered how it came to be?!

It all starts with a concept. Ours was to create a range inspired by the beauty of nature.

Working closely with our highly skilled and super clever parfumists to create the perfect fragrance blend is our number one priority. It takes time and it's worth every moment to make sure each note is perfectly balanced.

Once we had our collection of stunning fragrances confirmed, we started dreaming of where these sweet aromas carried us away to...each fragrance, inspired by the beauty of nature, seemed to evoke a memory from our own lives. Each of the stories for the Botanical Series have been lived out by a member of the Grace and James team. SO fun right?

Then came the fun task of adding artwork to these stories and names. We wanted to keep things super fresh and playful with our artwork. It's eye catching and beautiful.

We LOVE our Botanical range, it's a perfect representation of all things Grace and James - fun, fresh and new. And just like the gorgeous fragrance evoked memories for us, we hope that when you light the match and set your new candle alight, you too will be carried away to somewhere magical! 

Grace and James Candle Co. - Botanical Series from Grace and James on Vimeo.