Kip&Co join the Artist Series with the new look Floral Romance...And we couldn't love it more.

Posted by Grace and James on 16th Apr 2018

Kip&Co join the Artist Series with the new look Floral Romance...And we couldn't love it more.

When our Floral Romance Candle was due a new look, the brilliant creative team at Kip&Co were the obvious choice for us to have join the Artist Series. With a combined love for brights, fun and texture to the max, Grace and James x Kip&Co is a match made in collaborative heaven. We are SO.IN.LOVE. with this design!

Isn't it the cutest?!

We chat all things creative and guilty pleasures with the beautiful Hayley from Kip&Co.

How did Kip & Co begin? 

Kip&Co was born over many a cup of tea, following an inspiring trip to the U.S nearly 8 years ago, where we realised the time was right to inject some colour and pattern into the Australian bedding market.

Tell us about the relationship between the 3 of you. What are each other’s strengths? 

Kate and I are sisters and Alex is like our third sister. We all love working together and feel really fortunate to have such fun together even when we are working. We don’t always agree on everything but a majority rules policy keeps things moving. We all work really well as a team and love what we do.

What’s the best element of your role? 

I love planning our shoots and seeing our collections come together on shoot day.

We are in love with our new Floral Romance artwork - What was the inspiration behind the gorgeous Woodstock Print? 

Yay so thrilled you love this! As the name suggests, the Woodstock print was inspired by the simplicity of 70’s florals. A lot of the florals we do are complex but we loved the playful nostalgia of the pretty little daisies

Season after season, how do you keep ideas fresh and bright (quite literally!) for new collections? 

With three women combined who genuinely love design, colour, travel, fashion and art; there's an endless plethora of ideas. We design product that we ourselves want and love. We also draw on the ideas of our own children and try and create pieces they would also love.

What do you love most about the collaboration process? 

We love seeing the Kip signature on other products that are outside our usual offering…. That’s always fun!

What does your ‘dream night in’ look like? 

Fire going and red wine in hand with a bowl of curry and my family around.

We’re addicted to travelling the globe and know the Kip&Co Gang are too. What’s your number 1 ‘Must Do’ destination for 2018? 

Sicily - we will be there for August and cannot wait.

Our biggest guilty pleasure in the Grace and James office is hot chips and donuts (yes - sometimes at the same time! Horror). What’s the biggest ‘can’t say no to’ treat at the Kip&Co HQ?! 

Tuna toasties and chocolate brownies...

If you could only listen to 3 more songs for the rest of your life, what would they be? 

They would all be Fleetwood Mac.