We’re all about delivering the most premium candle possible with minimal nasties. Our fragrances are created by the most expert parfumists in the business, right here in Australia. 

Our fragrances are made from a blend of pure essential oils and synthetic blends.

Before you panic at the mention of ’synthetic’, it’s important to note that while everyone in the whole wide world is keen for ‘pure essential oil’ candles, it’s a super risky business to go about dropping oils directly in wax. Candles are a science. And essential oils on their own can be volatile, creating unstable burns and safety risks. It’s a risk we’re not willing to take for the sake of your homes and loved ones. The addition of synthetic means stability!  


CITRUS: If you love fresh, bright and citrusy based scents, choose Plantation, Palms.

WOODY: All about warm, rich, deep and earthy scents? Choose Jungle, Topanga, Bangalow, Spicy Pear. 

FLORAL: To be reminded of walking through a fragrant garden, Choose Botanical, Floral Romance, Antibes and Alhambra.

FRESH: Light, refreshing, peaceful and heady. Choose Succulent, Baja, Oasis.

SWEET: Love warm, cosy and baked goods style? Choose Bourbon Vanilla, Sweater Weather, XOXO, Madagascar, Casablanca