Let’s be honest. There are a lot of hidden nasties in waxes.
Nasties we don’t want to be using in our favourite spaces. 

Our wax is pure soy, blended with a small amount of sunflower oil to make it extra dreamy. This wax is made in Vietnam and we personally know the creators of this formula. We can pick up the phone and chat with them anytime. We have tests proving its purity.

Sound good? We think so too. 
We support the use of trace amounts of beeswax to help create a stable burn. 

The purest wax available. This is what we want! 
No hidden nasties. 

Added in the tiniest amounts to create an extra even burn and maximising enjoyment hours. 

Using a pure soy means there will be character and imperfections in your candle.  Embrace these, knowing you have a hand poured, natural wax in your midst. 

If you’re looking for the world’s most perfect looking wax, it means you’ll be most likely inviting paraffin and hidden oils. 
Keep an eye out for swelling wax, disappearing wicks and coloured wax as indicators of additives to soy wax.