Meet The Team: Nicole

Nicole is our brand group's General Manager and eats, sleeps and breathes all things Grace and James. 

Here's our quick fire 'get to know you's' on Nic:

If you were a Grace and James Candle, which would you be? 
Plantation. Lime, Basil and Mandarin. Cause I'm sweet and fun with a good amount of grounding! 

What's your primary role at Grace and James?
Boss Woman! Over all aspects of Grace and James, from our amazing team to all product development and everything in between. 

Guilty Pleasure? 
Dark chocolate coated bullets. Someone send help. Please. 

Dream destination right now if our country wasn't locked down? 
The Caribbean coast of Colombia. It was my last overseas trip right before lockdown began and I literally dream of sipping a pina colada and lying by those crystal clear waters with palm trees swaying and impulsive latin dance parties every day! 

Fun Fact:
Can sing. But more importantly, can perform a mean version of all the back up singers moves from John Farnham's Two Strong Hearts! Lol.