Meet The Team: Travis


Travis is one half of the creative duo behind Grace and James, married to Cat. His days are spent running our group of companies under the Vine & Paddock Group, but he is never far away from all things Grace and James. 
Here's our quick fire 'get to know you's' on Trav. 

If you were a Grace and James Candle, which would you be? 
Vintage Leather!

(Editors note: Lol. Not cause his age but because it's classy!) 

What's your primary role at Grace and James?
Bill Payer.  

(Editors note again: He's also responsible for our graphic design, website development and collection concepts.)

Guilty Pleasure? 
Judge Judy. 

Dream destination right now if our country wasn't locked down? 
New York. Cat and I met there and it's always our favourite. 

Fun Fact:
Travis has an extensive sneaker collection. As in, one to absolutely die for.