Repurposing your Grace and James Vessel

It’s no longer acceptable to make a product for single purpose only- despite how beautiful it may look - and we know it! This year we’re focusing on our sustainability practices not just in production but in recycling our packaging and reusing our vessels. We’re loving some of the repurposing ideas we’ve seen once the flame has stopped burning in our vessels.

Read on for our step by step instructional on repurposing your Grace and James products. Warning, technique not advised for small people or without adult supervision. 

1. Your candle should have approximately 1.5cm of wax left in the base of it, so you'll need to melt this wax. Boil a pot of water on the stove, and let the vessel sit in the water until the wax has softened. 

2. Pour remaining melted wax into a rubbish bag. 

3. Using a blunt object (a butter knife or a spoon), shimmy the metal base of the wick off the base the jar and dispose of carefully. 

4. Wipe the vessel out with paper towel, then clean with hot soapy water. 

5. You now have a perfectly clean vessel, ready to turn into a glass, vase, plant pot, or to hold goodies on your desk or bathroom cabinet.